Classic Eyelash Extensions

Natural Set ($99) 

This is the beginners option for the very natural look. You will get around 70-90 extensions applied to your natural lashes per eye.

Treatment duration: 1hr

Lifetime of the set: 3.5 weeks

Refills recommended: 1-2 weeks

classic eyelash extensions
full set of eyelashes in carlton

Full Set ($99) 

This is the all time favourite where 100% of your natural lashes are applied with an extension, usually 100-120 extensions per eye. Ideal for the classic lady who says “I want them to look full but still like they are mine!!!”

Treatment duration: 1.5hrs

Lifetime of the set: 5 weeks

Refills recommended: 2-3 weeks


To maintain your eyelash extensions you need refills usually every 1 to 3 weeks. During the procedure loose and grown out extensions are removed and new extensions are applied.

If you wish to upgrading your set to next classic set, the upgrade fee is $25. For example if you start from Natural set and later on want to upgrade it to Full set, then upgrading fee $25 is charged.

Upgrading your classic lashes to volume is $45.

**We do refill on top of other technicians work. If you wish or if lashes are too damage, we charge the removal at $15.

Natural Refills

1 week – $39

2 week – $59

3 week – $69

4 week – New set

Full Set Refills

1 week – $49

2 week – $69

3 week – $79

4 week – $100