Volume Eyelash Extensions

Perfect Set ($169) 

This is a 2D to 4D (0.07mm ) set. You will get around 200-400 lashes per eye. It takes around 1,5 hours.

If you want to look glamorous with a cat eye look without overdoing it, this is the ideal set for you! $169.

volume eyelashes
perfect lashes

Mega Set ($99) 

This is a 4D to 8D (0.07mm ) set. This is our “QUEEN” of all sets, you will get around 400-800 lashes per eye. The look is flattering, dark and full look. It takes around 2 hours. 

*Please note that the fullness of both of these sets depend on how many lashes you have naturally and if they are long and thick enough to carry the weight of the fans.


To maintain your eyelash extensions you need refills usually every 1 to 4  weeks. 

During the procedure loose and grown out extensions are removed and new extensions are applied.

**We do refill on top of other technicians work. If you wish or if lashes are too damage, we charge the removal at $15.

Perfect Set

1 week – $59

2 week – $79

3 week – $89

4 week – $119

Mega Set

1 week – $69

2 week – $89

3 week – $99

4 week – $129